Reflections on Non-Violence

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Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. day was celebrated on January 20th. Dr King stood against racial inequality with the community in America using non violent tactics. These last few months has provided a perfect opportunity to reflect about non-violence in a very different way. While violence is prevalent and takes many forms usually the focus is on physical. What does non-violence mean besides not physically hurting someone? I came to the conclusion that non-violence is the presence of compassion and forgiveness. It’s a stand for humanity. It is therefore my job As a coach to take a stand for non-violence.

For the past few weeks I have tapped into compassion and forgiveness. What I noticed is the area I resisted was showing compassion for myself. I noticed I was yelling at myself for not doing enough, for not being good enough, or for not being good enough to others. I was beating myself up and not even noticing that this was an act of violence. Perhaps this is where violence starts? I am human and part of being human is this experience of having little compassion or forgiveness for yourself at times. This is neither bad nor wrong. It just is. However how powerful would it be to expand our capacities to forgive and have compassion for ourselves.

It’s a choice to declare non- violence. To declare compassion. To declare to speak to ourselves first with compassion. To declare forgiveness to ourselves. To declare acceptance of being human. To declare that these non violent acts towards ourselves will overflow to everyone.
What can choosing non-violence provide for you?
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