Life Unmuted

Three months ago I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. This was after more than seven years of getting sick, feeling run down and not knowing why. While it was good to finally have a diagnosis that I can treat, changing my food habits was a painful process.

After a month very strict dieting comprised of protein, an obnoxious amount of fruits and vegetables and taking 10 different daily supplements, my body was in the throes of a major detox. I found myself in a constant state of anxiousness. It’s as if I had five shots of espresso every morning and then one every hour after that. I thought maybe this was a phase. That maybe I should stop taking so many vitamins.
It was after listening to a friend that I had a revelation. This friend shared with me how she recently stopped drinking. She described her experience as difficult, “but it’s as if I am finally off mute.” I was struck but this statement. “I am finally off mute.”

Full sound.

Full speaker.

Full everything.

I came home and looked in the mirror and thought, “I am not anxious because I am on all these supplements I am finally rid of all these foods that have kept me muted. This is me operating fully. This is me off mute.”

I was, and still am, awe struck by this shift.

I’m in the process of training for a 10k. Because of this I have become unexpectedly obsessed with running. I read about running. I constantly go to running stores. I research races. I watch clip after clip of runners making it to the finish line. I think this is what it looks like to be unmuted. To be unleashed. No holding back. No limits. Unlimited. This idea of my volume turned fully up and feeling like it’s okay and nothing will break is tremendously exciting. Tremendously.

My question to you is what is muting you? What would life look like to be unmuted?
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