Getting Real About 2015

Happy New Year to Everyone!

While I generally don’t make resolutions, I was out with my girlfriend on New Years Eve and we talked about what they might be. She said, “In 2015 I’m going to have more fun.” Well obviously – who wants a year to be filled with hardship and sadness. But what she meant was that if she wasn’t enjoying something or it wasn’t fulfilling in some way she is going to allow herself to say no. What a powerful change to actually allow yourself be real about what you want and say no to the things you simply do not want.

One of the benefits of coaching is to get real. What do you really want? Consider this question. Many clients come to me saying they want another job or a bigger house or something to that effect. But often times after a few sessions they realize they really want a better relationship with their partner or they want to travel more. As we start off the New Year, ask yourself where can you get real? What would a having a real discussion about what you really want out of life do for you?
Once you allow your real voice and desires to come to fruition it is a powerful experience. There is no going back. This powerful experience only breeds more powerful experiences. Imagine what that would be like? You would be unstoppable.

I often think about the first time I used a coach. It was to quit smoking and it was one of the most powerful moments of my life. It started with the coach having me get real about smoking. I thought that I loved smoking but my coach made it clear that it was really just the addiction that kept me smoking.
Now it’s my job to work with you to get real and support you to be unstoppable.

What are you waiting for?
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