Life Coaching for individuals, groups and businesses around the world. 

Trisha N Tinsley - The Citizen's Coach

My name is Trisha Tinsley and I am a life coach.

“Your spirit, your culture, experiences and beliefs all are welcome as we uncover what is holding you back from achieving goals. We will then work together to create the things you want out of life. I focus on the being and not the doing so that you will always choose uk essays writing actions from a solid place of power – that place that holds who you really are at the core.”

Life Unmuted

Three months ago I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. This was after more than ...

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Getting Real About 2015

Happy New Year to Everyone! While I generally don’t make resolutions, I ...

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Reflections on Non-Violence

Watch video: Type My Essay Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. day was celebrated on ...

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